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Thank you for paying your attention on this Openstreetmaps plugin for Joomla!


This plugin can,

  • Insert Openstreetmap to any where in the article
  • Insert multiple maps in to the article
  • 2-way positioning the map area
  • Aligning map as you want
  • Adding a marker
  • Adjustable map window
  • 3 map types are available
  • Ease of integration


Just 3 steps,

  1. Download the compressed file (
  2. Go to administrator page, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager . In the Install section select the downloaded file and click "Upload&Install"
  3. Go to Manage section of the Extension manager and Enable the plugin.

 To check the working of the plugin type

in an article and then click View Site to view the result. If you get a map showing Sri Lanka your installation has completed successfully. Congratz !

 For further configuration to maps continue reading ... 


You can get the map as you wish by changing the following parameters,

Positioning the map using box bounds

You can specify the map to display by saying the bounds of the map.

  • bottom_latitude - specify the bottom point latitude of the map
  • top_latitude -  specify the top point latitude of the map
  • left_longitude - specify the left side longitude of the map
  • right_longitude - specify the right side longitude of the map


Positioning the map using center and zoom level

You can specify the map to display by saying the center longitude & latitude of the center and zoom level of the map.

  • center - specify the latitude,longitude pair of the center
  • zoom - specify the zoom level of the map. It is recommended use any real number between 0 and 20 to get the desired outcome. Beyond that limit is not recommended. 


Changing the size of the map window

  • height - change the height of the map box (Default value 350)
  • width - change the width of the box (Default value 425)

Change the map layer

  • layer - there are 4 different map layers available. They are mapnik, transportmap, cyclemap and mapquest

Adding markers

Specify the position of the marker as follows

  • marker_latitude
  • marker_longitude



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