Module Documentation

Thank you for paying your interest onĀ Openstreetmaps module for Joomla


This module can,

  • Insert Openstreetmaps in to any position of a page
  • Insert multiple independent instances
  • Geo Location based positioning
  • Adding marker
  • Adding popup text
  • 2 map styles are available
  • Easily configurable


It's very easy,

1. Download the compressed file (

2. Go to administrator page, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager. In the Install section select the downloaded file and click "Upload&Install"

3. Go to Manage section of the Extension manager and Enable the plugin.

Now installation is completed. You can add instances of the module through Module Manager. For further configurations continue reading.


You can get the map as you wish through following configuration sections,

Map Configuration

  • Zoom Level - To specify how far you want to zoom in
  • Map Style - The module ships with OSM and WMS map styles
  • Center Specification - You can either specify the center using Longitude and Latitude values or giving keywords for a Geo Location.

Pin Configuration

  • Pin Type - You can go ahead with classical OSM pin or choose newly created pin to show a place
  • Pin Specification - Same as the center, you can specify the pin position using eitherĀ Longitude and Latitude values or giving keywords for a Geo Location.

Popup Details

Free to enter anything you wish to see in the popup when you click the pin.